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Hiatt Digital exists to help small business transform via technology solutions

Cloud Computing and Cloud Migrations

Hiatt Digital exists to help businesses make smarter business decisions through technology. 

We understand that each company needs compatible IT services. 

At Hiatt Digital, we provide dependable IT Support & Consultancy.

Managed IT Services

Hiatt Digital exists to help businesses make smarter business decisions through technology. 

We understand that each company needs compatible IT services. 

At Hiatt Digital, we provide dependable IT Support & Consultancy.

Custom Computers Built to suit

Hiatt Digital exists to help businesses make smarter business decisions through technology. 

We understand that each company needs compatible IT services. 



Tech Strategy

Technology solutions are created to drive significant improvements in business operations. Almost every critical KPI can easily gain positive impacts due to improved automation. Benefits can range from better project performance and improved utilization of resources. A couple of tech-savvy enhancements can drastically increase your bottom line profitability. Just undergo the proper Technology Planning and you’re ready for growth.

Digtal Transformation

Most successful businesses are the ones that move forward while constantly adapting to digital advancement. It is highly in-demand. Digital Transformation utilizes the benefits of digital technology all throughout different areas of your business. It has a fundamental contribution on how you communicate with your customers.

Remote Workplace

Adaptiveness and flexibility are both essential for businesses. The idea of a remote workplace is not new but only few consider it to go beyond their operational capabilities. This technological advancement allows your business to implement remote policies. Whether you are engaged in freelancing business or just willing to develop a work from home operations, this tech support is perfect for you.

Cloud Migration

Hiatt Digital offers a comprehensive cloud migration model that brings industrialized automation to access all cloud models. We exist to help you decide on the best method to have an untroubled cloud implementation. Our cloud advisory and cloud management services can determine the right operating model and roadmap for you through the analysis of  your technology infrastructure.

High Perfomance Custom PCs

Would you like to get a high performing and customized PCs for less? Therefore, don’t look for computer packages in the local market. Hiatt Digital can provide a complete set of hybrid computers from all excellent pieces and brands in the marketplace. Our expert technicians know the best computer tune up for your business operations.

Network Infastructure

Hiatt Digital’s IT network solutions can assist in the control of hardware, software, systems and devices, internet providers, and everything that is crucial to your network infrastructure. We ensure the quality of your internet connectivity, management communications and business operations.


What People Are Saying

I just wanted to check in and say that I am thrilled with our improved turnover. I understand that the due date is on short notice, but thanks to your amazing managing capabilities, everything went well!

We worked in the past with several companies, and we find it very difficult to align expectations. We were fortunate to find you!

Your responsiveness is what really got me. You always initiate calls and have me updated. No wonder this is a huge success.

Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to our years of engagement.

Thank you


Procurement Service Company in South Carolina, Leading Medical Company in Chicago, Illinois

Honestly, I was very hesitant to work with a remote partner back in 2019. I am scared that everything is just a waste of time. It’s definitely not! Hiatt Digital equates to business transparency. This was so shocking. I literally got goosebumps when I knew that I saved a lot of money because I took the courage to try their services. 

Hiatt Digital has delivered outstanding results for my company. They convinced me that working with someone with specific skills has its own unique value. Everything starts to come together with me, my business, and my own team. 

Thank you!

President of Operations

Digital Marketing Company in North Carolina

Hiatt Digital helps me grow my online business. Seriously! My consistent consultancy with them has boosted my sales. They are right. The key to every business is in the backbone of operations and control. This is a company I would recommend to everybody.


E-commerce Company in South Carolina



Network Services

Network solutions are not just about routers and switches. It brings out a lot of access points to optimize your whole network infrastructure.

With our expertise, we can utilize front-running tools to build and design IT network solutions that can help you improve work productivity, reduce operational cost, and supervise complex consolidations. 

IT network services are essential for today’s business, especially for the subject matter experts “SMEs.” It helps to properly run the applications that are crucial to your daily business operations. It enhances communication and makes sharing more convenient. 

At Hiatt Digital, our network security services provide inner dynamics of collaboration that can create a more precise visualization of every single data point connected to your business network. While the technology is constantly changing, cyberattacks also become harder to detect. 

That is why our networking services offer a variety of solutions to secure your business fully. Whether you’re in the cloud or a data center, we have a way to provide a simplified approach for your real-time operations.

As a network service company, we give high value to network security fundamentals. Our team of professionals will help configure the best firewalls and security layers for the upgraded value of your network security.

Data Backup and Protection

Data is the heart of a successful business. Therefore, data loss is a serious problem that leads to multiple consequences. Legal matters or bankruptcy, no one can perfectly foresee. Hiatt Digital provides secure data backup and protection. With these protections against attack and hackers, small and medium-sized businesses can confidently oversee and safeguard their operational data. 

There can be so many inconsistencies. Ransomware threats and data redundancy can also lead to your downfall. If you don’t deploy proper data backup and recovery, it will be hard for your organization to build reliable management. Hiatt Digital gives an easy way to keep you on track. We can reduce the time, money, and resources necessary to maintain backups through cloud migration and hosting. 

We provide expert support in the process of moving data and other business management folders from your current servers to a cloud computing system. Hiatt Digital helps clients in the procedure of cloud migration that will accelerate the phase of IT transformation for our clients. 

Through our reliable knowledge and passion for work, we deliver high-end methodologies, an international approach, and highly specialized technicians. Let us help you move forward and navigate what more your organization can be with technology.

Cloud Implementation

At Hiatt Digital, we offer cloud advisory for companies desiring ease in operations. We focus on cloud management to ensure sufficient cloud storage and cloud security.

As a team of dedicated It Technicians, we are proficient in all aspects of information technology. We want to give our clients with sufficient privileges to implement cloud and eliminate network deficiencies. Hiatt Digital provides a combination of automation, workflow management improvement, and environment remodeling to help organizations become more confident of their overall business process from bottom to top.

Our company employs only those with vast experience and relevant past performance. We value sustainable services that can support your technical systems and infrastructure. Hence, our cloud technology is designed and developed to cater to your needs. 

Business confidentiality and security? Please leave it to us. Our people keep computer systems and electronic data secured. For years, we’ve been designing complex security solutions for cloud environments. Transform your business with us.

Technology Strategy Consulting / Virtual CIO/CTO

Innovation can both be an opportunity and a threat. Many companies did not survive because they lack technological leadership. It’s time to accept the fact that every business needs to adapt to technological changes to survive.

Hiatt Digital ensures to solve your technical issues with proper IT planning and practical IT strategy. Our technology consulting experts act as your CIO and CTO. We are ready to meet your needs for long-term solutions. We offer very flexible models that can rapidly scale up your adaption to the right technology. 

We can help you figure out the best tools for you through technological planning. Hiatt Digital is here to help you realize strategic results. Our IT services are formulated to cater to different business industries such as medical technology, financial services, law firms, marketing, sales, logistics, procurement, and more.

The conversion of our extensive technical knowledge, business procedures, expert technician, and IT services into a unique business model enables our clients to proactively address systematic improvement and long-term management of their IT infrastructures.

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